Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The book Diary of a Wimpy Kid is well written for people who like humor. It's by Jeff Kinney. I like this book because it has funny pictures and I like his style of writing. It's a little easy, but I like it. This book made me feel fun and happy because it could make me laugh sometimes.

There's lots of people that change in this book, but Greg is one of the most important. Greg was good and kind to Manny his little brother, but then half way through Manny does bad stuff and Greg gets blamed for it. So Greg stops being kind.

There's lots of problems in this book, but the main one is his life. He writes what happens to him in his diary. If I could change it I would change the part when they go treat or treating and get pushed by the bullies and throw toilet paper over his grandma's house. It doesn't really go with the book. There's lots of messages, but the important one is don't be a wimp like Greg and don't do stuff that you don't need to do.

The Midnight Pig

The Midnight Pig

The Midnight Pig
is about a girl named Kylie who got a pig named Fred. Kylie just moved out in the country. They owned a store and they couldn't eat dinner together because their mom was too busy at work. They hired a guy named Tony. Kylie was suspicious of Tony because he stole 50 dollars from the cash register. Fred got sick. A few days later, Tony drew a floor plan of the bank. Kylie knew he was going to rob the bank and he did with another guy. One midnight, when Kylie was giving Fred his midnight snack. Kylie saw Tony walk to the grave yard. Kylie followed Tony to the graveyard. Kylie saw Tony go into a tum. The money was in the tum. Kylie heard Tony and a man talk. Then Kylie got caught by Tony. Then the police came and arrested Tony and the man. The police said Fred lead us to you. Fred saved you, he's a HERO!

Summary of The Sign of the Beaver December 1th

The Sign of the Beaver

Matt and his father just moved to the new world in a forest, where Indians lived. Matt's father left to go get their family in Quincey. He said he would be back in seven weeks. A few weeks later a man named Ben came and stayed for the night, but Ben was interested in the rifle. The next morning the rifle and Ben was gone. Ben stole the rifle. A week later a bear attacked when Matt was outside chopping wood. All his food was on the floor. A few weeks later Matt met a Indian called Attean. There tribe is called Beaver. Attean's grandfather made a deal with Matt. He said you would teach Attean to read and they would give Matt food. Attean taught Matt how to hunt and make hooks for fishing. They all got along. At the end the Beaver tribe went and Matt's family came. Matt said he would still remember the Indians.

Whipping Boy Summary

Whipping Boy
This book is about 2 kids named Jemmy and prince Brat. Jemmy wants to run away because he is the wipping boy and he gets whipped when ever prince Brat does something bad. When Jemmy was running away, he bummed into prince Brat. Then they went together. When they were in the forest some bad guys called Cutwater and Hold your nose billy. They got Jemmy and prince Brat. Cutwater and Hold your nose billy was holding them hostage. They made Jemmy write a note to the castle, but then prince brat ran away. So they have a two bad guys on their tale.

The Million Dollar Kick

The Million Dollar Kick, by Dan Gutman is a good and well written book.This book has exciting parts and some (so close) part. Like when she was going to shoot the million dollar shot. This book made me feel excited and nervous at some parts. This book is sort of simpler to a penalty I had to shoot and if I scored we would win the tournament. This book is a just right book for me because I only get stuck on a word like every three chapters.

Briana changed threw the book. She was mean in the beginning because she was suppose to shoot the million dollar kick. Then she stopped because she thought if she was nice she might get some the money and she wanted to be on TV. The coach for the high school soccer team said no when Whisper asked if she could practice with them. The coach said never. Then after she scored the million dollar kick, he asked if she wanted to be on the team. She said OK, when I am in ninth grade.

The problem of the story is Briana entered the million dollar kick against a professional goalie, but you have to be older than 12 to enter. So she put in her sisters name in. Then she got picked and Whisper doesn't know how to play soccer. The last time she played was when she was four and she scored an own goal. So she needs a person to teach her. Then Ellie a teenaged girl from the high school soccer team offered to help her. I think the author's message is to never give up on anything until you tried a million times.

Book Bytes October 2009

Here is my book talk video.

Babe and Me

For my reading responds, I am doing Babe and Me. Its by Dan Gutman. The book is a adventure, happy, and nervous story. They go back in time to 1932 world series. This book made me feel nervous and happy because there was times when they thought they wouldn't make it and when it made me feel happy was when they made it to the world series. This book reminded me of when I played a game and I wasn't good at it, but then I became good at it because I learned more stuff about it. This book was a just right book because I could understand what was happening and there was only about five or six hard words in the book.

Joe and the dad changed during the story. They never played and had fun together like they did in the book. They changed when they were together because they never were together to play and when they were together they had fun.

The problem is that Joe wants to see if Babe called his shot in the 1932 world series and the dad had a (personal) choice. He could stay in NY because he has a lot of money or (In 1932,$5000) he could go back with Joe. If I could change part of the story it would be when Joe went with Babe to the game. I would make it be Joe played with the NY Yankees like in the book Honas and Me. I think the author's message is don't be self fish because first in the story Joe and the dad wanted Babe's ball that he called his shot. At the end the gave the baseball back to the team.