Babe and Me

For my reading responds, I am doing Babe and Me. Its by Dan Gutman. The book is a adventure, happy, and nervous story. They go back in time to 1932 world series. This book made me feel nervous and happy because there was times when they thought they wouldn't make it and when it made me feel happy was when they made it to the world series. This book reminded me of when I played a game and I wasn't good at it, but then I became good at it because I learned more stuff about it. This book was a just right book because I could understand what was happening and there was only about five or six hard words in the book.

Joe and the dad changed during the story. They never played and had fun together like they did in the book. They changed when they were together because they never were together to play and when they were together they had fun.

The problem is that Joe wants to see if Babe called his shot in the 1932 world series and the dad had a (personal) choice. He could stay in NY because he has a lot of money or (In 1932,$5000) he could go back with Joe. If I could change part of the story it would be when Joe went with Babe to the game. I would make it be Joe played with the NY Yankees like in the book Honas and Me. I think the author's message is don't be self fish because first in the story Joe and the dad wanted Babe's ball that he called his shot. At the end the gave the baseball back to the team.

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  1. Good choice of a book to read and it sounds like you really enjoyed it a great deal. By now you should have a very good character sketch of Joe Stoshak and it should be quite detailed. Remember to put this detail into your entry. Try not to skip any detail that is important to the character. Do you think there was another reason the Babe Ruth baseball was returned to the team at the end? Perhaps the two characters had a change of heart as well as a change of attitude.