The House on Maple street

One evening a scientist named Dr.Bob who lived in Canada, was making an invention that would take him to the U.S.A without using his passport, because he didn't have one. The invention was that he would fill his water pipes with gas. Then he would build a robot to light the gas and he would say "Good bye Canada and hello U.S. " It took him about two days to fill the pipes with gas. Then it took he about a week to build the robot and a day to get food for the trip. Then he was all set to take off.

He went to the attic to be safe from the take off. So he sent the robot to light the pipes to blast off to the U.S. When he felt the first vibration, he was hanging on a pole. He was screaming "Hello U.S.A." and "Goodbye Canada." It was a perfect lift off. He was so happy he was throwing glass bottles out the window. When he crossed the border of Canada to U.S.A. He saw a good spot to land. It was clear and nobody was in sight. When he landed he was really happy, because he had never been in the U.S.A. He was so excited he ran out of his house and metal pole hit his head. He was knocked out.

An hour later, he woke up in fright. He heard a loud siren. Like a baby crying and a bird trying to whistle. Then he noticed it was the police and they were saying"Come out of the house with your hands up."They were arresting him for going over the border without a passport. Then he started the blast again. He used all the gas power. He was going so high, he went into space.The police didn't know what just happened. They just stood there watching him fly off in space. Before they just thought it was a helicopter, but they were wrong it was his house. Then he was on a planet he didn't know about.When he landed an alien was in front of him and put something in his mouth. He could breath after that. . Then after a few weeks, Dr.Bob was a part of an alien family. He was half alien and half human. No one every heard of him again.

Under the Rug

One evening the gentleman veterinarian was reading his book and he glanced in his eye. He thought that this couldn't be something, because he had his doors locked and called the exterminates every month. Just to make sure. He went over to the place where he thought he saw something. Then he saw something under the rug like a little bump. He got a chair and was going to hit it when it moved. Then he chased it all around the house until he was worn out. He sat back down in his chair and took a nap. Then he woke up in a crash. He heard something crash in his kitchen. He went in there and saw the bump again he tried and tried to hit it, but sadly he couldn't. He wished it would stop and go away. Then it came true nothing happened for two weeks and then, CRASH! He rushed to see what happened and saw the bump. He got a bat and hit it and he heard a little roaring squeak. He cut the rug with a knife where the thing was and saw a little dog there. So he brought it outside and left it there. He knew it would get a little better. Then he felt sorry so, he gave it some food, but it was knocked out. Then he brought it inside and kept it for a pet. He took care of it since he was a veterinarian.

Satch and Me

The book I read was called Satch and Me by Dan Gutman. The book made me feel excited at some parts. Like I wanted to read more, but sometimes I read at night so I have to go to bed. I also could relate with some parts. Like the part where they were going to see how fast Satch could throw and then the radar gun wouldn't work. (That was one of the exciting parts.)This book is just right for me because it doesn't have a lot of hard words and it is those sporty adventure books.

Flip changed throw out the story. He was shy around women for his whole life.(Not shy just not much interested.) There was a girl and he didn't really like her, but she did. So Joe tried to make Flip like her. At the end he got more interest because she went with him because she liked him.
(There was only one that changed.)

The problem in the story was Joe and Flip went back in time to find out how fast Satch could throw with the radar gun.(Satchel Paige) They met a girl called Laverne that liked Filp.(Filp is 72 in regular and now he is 18.) Flip was strong. The dad didn't let her go with Flip. Flip didn't like her. They met Satch and on the road they tried, but then they were on someones land and the land owners tried to shoot them. They got away. Satch got payed for playing on teams. So he went to places a lot.Laverne came back adn found Flip. Then the dad came back too and got angry at Flip. The dad said if Flip touched her one more time he would kill him. Satch, Joe, and Flip went to a ball park to see how fast Satch could throw again. They tried and Laverne came back again. They saw how fast Satch could throw, but when he threw the hardest he could the radar gun exploded. The dad came back and turned off the lights on the field so they couldn't see and Joe left them there to be with the Laverne. I would change the book at the part where going back where Satch was again, because they should have met him in the bus. It would have been better to see the players in Satch's team and make them play game on the bus. I think the authors message is life isn't always what you think its going to be.

The struggle for equal rights

I read the article "The Struggle for Equal Rights." It's about African Americans struggling for civil rights. Throughout the 1950s to the 1970s African Americans didn't have the same rights as white people did. African Americans couldn't sit in certain trains, buses, or movie theaters. African Americans tried lots of things to stop this madness. The famous Rosa Parks was the first one to not give up her seat to a white person. In 1971, two lawyers started the South Poverty Law Center. They helped African Americans for 32 years and still going. They helped make their way to equal rights.

Wells in Africa

A six year old kid named Ryan Hrelja, learned that people in Africa didn't have clean water and to get water they had to walk a long ways. They got diseases from the water, since it isn't clean, its dirty. He began to raise money for wells in Africa. He did chores to start getting money. Kids also donated money to help him. Ryan builds wells in lots of countries in Africa. They can clean the water, since they put a filter in the well. They can make clean vegetables and not get diseases. Ryan raised more than one million dollars to bring clean water to over two hundred thousand people in seven different countries and beyond in Africa. Kids can go to school and get education from the clean water that Ryan gave. Ryan changed lots of kids and womens lifes in Africa.

My Brother Stevie. February 1, 2010

I read a book called My Brother Stevie . It was by Eleanor Clymer. This book made me feel happy at the end because Annie and Stevie got to visit Miss Stover once in a while. I made a connection text to me. I felt the same way as Stevie because when Grandma went out, Annie babysat Stevie and he was mad, because he didn't want Annie to be babysit him. When my parents went somewhere my big brother had to take care of me. I feel that I had to listen to my brother. This connection helps me understand how Stevie feels in the story. This book is just right for me because I can understand whats going on.

Stevie changed in the story, at the start he was rude and bad and throw rocks at trains. Then Miss. Stover told him to not throw rocks at trains and not be rude. Grandma changed in the story, at the start was serious and not helpful to Stevie. She use to hit Stevie and then Miss. Stover told her not to hit Stevie. Then at the end she was helpful and not serious.

The problem in the story is that Stevie is acting bad. He throws rocks at trains. Miss. Stover is Stevie's teacher. She is the only one that can make him not wild and bad, but she moved to a different city. The problem was resolved by Stevie and Annie visiting Miss. Stover. Stevie was happy because he could visit Miss. Stover and Skipper. That made Annie happy to know that Stevie is happy. Grandma changed her attitude with Stevie and Annie. I would change the book by saying that Stevie would keep Skipper, because Stevie really liked skipper. The authors message is you can't have everything you want and do what you want to do every time.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The book Diary of a Wimpy Kid is well written for people who like humor. It's by Jeff Kinney. I like this book because it has funny pictures and I like his style of writing. It's a little easy, but I like it. This book made me feel fun and happy because it could make me laugh sometimes.

There's lots of people that change in this book, but Greg is one of the most important. Greg was good and kind to Manny his little brother, but then half way through Manny does bad stuff and Greg gets blamed for it. So Greg stops being kind.

There's lots of problems in this book, but the main one is his life. He writes what happens to him in his diary. If I could change it I would change the part when they go treat or treating and get pushed by the bullies and throw toilet paper over his grandma's house. It doesn't really go with the book. There's lots of messages, but the important one is don't be a wimp like Greg and don't do stuff that you don't need to do.