The House on Maple street

One evening a scientist named Dr.Bob who lived in Canada, was making an invention that would take him to the U.S.A without using his passport, because he didn't have one. The invention was that he would fill his water pipes with gas. Then he would build a robot to light the gas and he would say "Good bye Canada and hello U.S. " It took him about two days to fill the pipes with gas. Then it took he about a week to build the robot and a day to get food for the trip. Then he was all set to take off.

He went to the attic to be safe from the take off. So he sent the robot to light the pipes to blast off to the U.S. When he felt the first vibration, he was hanging on a pole. He was screaming "Hello U.S.A." and "Goodbye Canada." It was a perfect lift off. He was so happy he was throwing glass bottles out the window. When he crossed the border of Canada to U.S.A. He saw a good spot to land. It was clear and nobody was in sight. When he landed he was really happy, because he had never been in the U.S.A. He was so excited he ran out of his house and metal pole hit his head. He was knocked out.

An hour later, he woke up in fright. He heard a loud siren. Like a baby crying and a bird trying to whistle. Then he noticed it was the police and they were saying"Come out of the house with your hands up."They were arresting him for going over the border without a passport. Then he started the blast again. He used all the gas power. He was going so high, he went into space.The police didn't know what just happened. They just stood there watching him fly off in space. Before they just thought it was a helicopter, but they were wrong it was his house. Then he was on a planet he didn't know about.When he landed an alien was in front of him and put something in his mouth. He could breath after that. . Then after a few weeks, Dr.Bob was a part of an alien family. He was half alien and half human. No one every heard of him again.

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