Under the Rug

One evening the gentleman veterinarian was reading his book and he glanced in his eye. He thought that this couldn't be something, because he had his doors locked and called the exterminates every month. Just to make sure. He went over to the place where he thought he saw something. Then he saw something under the rug like a little bump. He got a chair and was going to hit it when it moved. Then he chased it all around the house until he was worn out. He sat back down in his chair and took a nap. Then he woke up in a crash. He heard something crash in his kitchen. He went in there and saw the bump again he tried and tried to hit it, but sadly he couldn't. He wished it would stop and go away. Then it came true nothing happened for two weeks and then, CRASH! He rushed to see what happened and saw the bump. He got a bat and hit it and he heard a little roaring squeak. He cut the rug with a knife where the thing was and saw a little dog there. So he brought it outside and left it there. He knew it would get a little better. Then he felt sorry so, he gave it some food, but it was knocked out. Then he brought it inside and kept it for a pet. He took care of it since he was a veterinarian.

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