My Brother Stevie. February 1, 2010

I read a book called My Brother Stevie . It was by Eleanor Clymer. This book made me feel happy at the end because Annie and Stevie got to visit Miss Stover once in a while. I made a connection text to me. I felt the same way as Stevie because when Grandma went out, Annie babysat Stevie and he was mad, because he didn't want Annie to be babysit him. When my parents went somewhere my big brother had to take care of me. I feel that I had to listen to my brother. This connection helps me understand how Stevie feels in the story. This book is just right for me because I can understand whats going on.

Stevie changed in the story, at the start he was rude and bad and throw rocks at trains. Then Miss. Stover told him to not throw rocks at trains and not be rude. Grandma changed in the story, at the start was serious and not helpful to Stevie. She use to hit Stevie and then Miss. Stover told her not to hit Stevie. Then at the end she was helpful and not serious.

The problem in the story is that Stevie is acting bad. He throws rocks at trains. Miss. Stover is Stevie's teacher. She is the only one that can make him not wild and bad, but she moved to a different city. The problem was resolved by Stevie and Annie visiting Miss. Stover. Stevie was happy because he could visit Miss. Stover and Skipper. That made Annie happy to know that Stevie is happy. Grandma changed her attitude with Stevie and Annie. I would change the book by saying that Stevie would keep Skipper, because Stevie really liked skipper. The authors message is you can't have everything you want and do what you want to do every time.