Satch and Me

The book I read was called Satch and Me by Dan Gutman. The book made me feel excited at some parts. Like I wanted to read more, but sometimes I read at night so I have to go to bed. I also could relate with some parts. Like the part where they were going to see how fast Satch could throw and then the radar gun wouldn't work. (That was one of the exciting parts.)This book is just right for me because it doesn't have a lot of hard words and it is those sporty adventure books.

Flip changed throw out the story. He was shy around women for his whole life.(Not shy just not much interested.) There was a girl and he didn't really like her, but she did. So Joe tried to make Flip like her. At the end he got more interest because she went with him because she liked him.
(There was only one that changed.)

The problem in the story was Joe and Flip went back in time to find out how fast Satch could throw with the radar gun.(Satchel Paige) They met a girl called Laverne that liked Filp.(Filp is 72 in regular and now he is 18.) Flip was strong. The dad didn't let her go with Flip. Flip didn't like her. They met Satch and on the road they tried, but then they were on someones land and the land owners tried to shoot them. They got away. Satch got payed for playing on teams. So he went to places a lot.Laverne came back adn found Flip. Then the dad came back too and got angry at Flip. The dad said if Flip touched her one more time he would kill him. Satch, Joe, and Flip went to a ball park to see how fast Satch could throw again. They tried and Laverne came back again. They saw how fast Satch could throw, but when he threw the hardest he could the radar gun exploded. The dad came back and turned off the lights on the field so they couldn't see and Joe left them there to be with the Laverne. I would change the book at the part where going back where Satch was again, because they should have met him in the bus. It would have been better to see the players in Satch's team and make them play game on the bus. I think the authors message is life isn't always what you think its going to be.