The Million Dollar Kick

The Million Dollar Kick, by Dan Gutman is a good and well written book.This book has exciting parts and some (so close) part. Like when she was going to shoot the million dollar shot. This book made me feel excited and nervous at some parts. This book is sort of simpler to a penalty I had to shoot and if I scored we would win the tournament. This book is a just right book for me because I only get stuck on a word like every three chapters.

Briana changed threw the book. She was mean in the beginning because she was suppose to shoot the million dollar kick. Then she stopped because she thought if she was nice she might get some the money and she wanted to be on TV. The coach for the high school soccer team said no when Whisper asked if she could practice with them. The coach said never. Then after she scored the million dollar kick, he asked if she wanted to be on the team. She said OK, when I am in ninth grade.

The problem of the story is Briana entered the million dollar kick against a professional goalie, but you have to be older than 12 to enter. So she put in her sisters name in. Then she got picked and Whisper doesn't know how to play soccer. The last time she played was when she was four and she scored an own goal. So she needs a person to teach her. Then Ellie a teenaged girl from the high school soccer team offered to help her. I think the author's message is to never give up on anything until you tried a million times.

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