Summary of The Sign of the Beaver December 1th

The Sign of the Beaver

Matt and his father just moved to the new world in a forest, where Indians lived. Matt's father left to go get their family in Quincey. He said he would be back in seven weeks. A few weeks later a man named Ben came and stayed for the night, but Ben was interested in the rifle. The next morning the rifle and Ben was gone. Ben stole the rifle. A week later a bear attacked when Matt was outside chopping wood. All his food was on the floor. A few weeks later Matt met a Indian called Attean. There tribe is called Beaver. Attean's grandfather made a deal with Matt. He said you would teach Attean to read and they would give Matt food. Attean taught Matt how to hunt and make hooks for fishing. They all got along. At the end the Beaver tribe went and Matt's family came. Matt said he would still remember the Indians.

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